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Self-Built Skills Training Centre

In order to address the issue of unemployment the intervention strategy for Tilbury was to develop a system that could act as a platform for the unemployed youth in the area, helping them to get useful skills through training institutes. A self-built skills training centre was designed, which is hosted in a continually constructed building that is made, taken apart and rebuilt according to the rhythm of the NVQ courses taking place. It is both an exhibit of the skills learnt at the centre as well as acting a test-bed for masonry, brickwork, electrical and plumbing skills. Introduction.jpg Karnataka Border Case_v2.jpg Design Workshop.jpg Topology graphical representation.jpg Site Visit.jpg Interviews.jpg Port and Town.jpg of Unemployment in Tilbury.jpg of Tilbury at diff.jpg interaction between Town and Port.jpg Strategy for Tilbury.jpg Study.jpg and form Collage.jpg Intervention.jpg Modelling Assembling Design Workshop.jpg Analysis.jpg development at macro lvl.jpg development for site A.jpg Conduct.jpg analysis and conceptual zoning.jpg Phasing.jpg 1-2.jpg 2-1.jpg 2-2.jpg 1-3.jpg 3-1.jpg 3-2.jpg 3-3.jpg 3-4.jpg Floor Plan.jpg Floor Plan.jpg 1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg  1.jpg  2_v2.jpg