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Karnataka-Maharashtra, India

These are the two adjoining states of Maharashtra and Karnataka, in India. People in Both the states speak different regional languages which are Marathi and Kannada. There has been a long standing dispute on the border between the two states since India got independence. It is about the disputed geographical areas along the borders where those small towns acted as linguistic exclaves in each others region. People from both the states fought over those pieces of land stating that majority of population in the disputed area speak the language of their state and so those area or towns should be incorporated in their state. The issue was fueled by the political parties for their interest. The graphics here talk about the series of events that happened over time and the status of the issue which is still awaiting a decision from the supreme court of India.

The Metaphoric diagram tries to explain the way the actual issue of the dispute was layered with several other things and the way it has been portrayed for years. Karnataka Border Case.jpg Representation.jpg