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Enclaves are the territories of one ethnic group separated from their homeland, surrounded by that of a different ethnic group. India-Bangladesh border is an intriguing example of complexities which arise over borders that slash through communities with strikingly similar lifestyles and cultures. This curious case holds world’s largest group of enclaves. The enclaves along India-Bangladesh border are in a stateless misery for over 50 years awaiting political and social acceptance from the nations they belong to. The Cooch Behar region covers most of the enclaves that still exist.
The enclaves are represented as red dots in the map.
While the common resident from this region suffers from absolute absence of basic infrastructure, a threat to their life because of security tensions along the border, a desperate economic situation and a questioned sense of belonging, the administrative complexities are equally alarming. Issues such as law enforcement, religious concerns, and sensitive political scene are of major concern. map_cooch behar district.jpg